Lady Sues Knicks’ Kyle O’Quinn For Choking Her, But He Says She Grabbed His Crotch And He’S The Real Victim

“Simultaneously [Elie] asked a female friend of O’Quinn’s, who was in close proximity, whether she was his girlfriend,’ O’Quinn further alleges in court documents.
“The Knicks player also says that Elie “launched herself at O’Quinn’s female friend, knocked her to the ground and struck her repeatedly in the face and upper body.
But in his countersuit, O’Quinn, 27, claims to be the real victim.
A Brooklyn woman claims that Kyle O’Quinn choked her in a May 2016 incident, but the New York Knicks forward is calling flagrant foul on his accuser and has fired back with a countersuit.
Elie claims that she didn’t know that O’Quinn was an NBA player at the time, but that he was staring at her at the bar.

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