Permit Kodak Black To Foolishly Give An Explanation For Why Mild-Skinned Ladies Are Higher Than Darkish-Skinned Ladies

According to the Project Baby, dark-skinned women are “too gutta,” and light-skinned women are the opposite.
“Light-skin women, they more sensitive.”When the reporter responds that there are actually dark-skinned “sensitive” women, he offered a rebuttal.
In more wildly embarrassing , and pathetic, news about what Kodak Black ’s been doing with his time spent out of prison, his latest update lands him on the mic with The Chaney TV to further defend his commentary about dating dark-skinned black women.
But in a confusing twist, he turns the commentary on himself, expressing that he doesn’t “like women with his complexion” but still loves Black women as a whole.
“Light-skin women, we can break ’em down more easy, you know what I’m saying?”Why Kodak Black would want to “break down” any woman he chooses to date still remains a mystery.

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