Pink, Moist And Bitter … But No Longer Campari Or Aperol

Sales of Aperol, which is owned by Campari, have nearly doubled to 67,000 cases last year, from 35,000 in 2013.
“Make a Negroni with Campari and make a Negroni with Luna.” Still, he says he wanted to create a new drink without necessarily doing battle with Campari.
In the past five years, American sales of Campari have grown to more than 110,000 cases annually, from 50,000, said David Karraker, vice president for marketing of Campari America.
“American consumers are open to more and more bitter flavors.”Advertisement Continue reading the main storyIndeed, bitter cocktails like the Negroni, which calls for Campari, and the Aperol spritz have soared in popularity, partly because young bartenders share their love of acerbic flavors with their customers.
Todd Leopold, of Leopold Brothers, thinks there is room on the shelf for everyone.

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