Sarin Fuel Changed Into Used In April Assault In Syria, Guns Screen Says

On Monday, the White House said that Syria would “pay a heavy price” if it carried out a new chemical weapons attack.
The report comes shortly after warnings from the Trump administration that the Syrian government, led by Mr. Assad, might be preparing another chemical attack.
PhotoLONDON — The poison used in the deadly chemical bomb attack in a rebel-held town of northern Syria in April was the banned nerve agent sarin, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said on Friday, although the report did not directly blame the government of Bashar al-Assad for the attacks.
The unusual public warning appeared to take some military commanders off guard, but national security officials said two days later that the warning had helped stop a new attack.
The findings were not a surprise — Turkey and the United States, among others, had said that the victims showed symptoms consistent with sarin gas, and the Trump administration responded to the attack with a barrage of missiles aimed at Syrian targets — but they provide formal confirmation of one of the horrors of Syria’s nearly six-year-long civil war.

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