The The Big Apple That Made Donald Trump

The Bronx, early 1980sDonald Trump came of age in a New York that would be barely recognizeable to anyone who has known it only for the past two decades.
In the 1970s, New York City came perilously close to bankruptcy; murder rates jumped to unseen highs in the 1980s.
And in 1983, Trump opened Trump Tower, a gold-and-marble sanctuary that would, most importantly, be fully cut off from the homelessness, poverty and crime that plagued the streets below.
New York City—and most other big cities in the United States—have changed drastically since then, but you wouldn’t know it when Trump takes to a podium or Twitter account to talk urban violence.
In 1982, filthy train cars, crumbling infrastructure, crime and graffiti brought New York subway ridership to its lowest levels since 1917.

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