Thirteen Things We Now Realize About Jay-Z After ‘4:Forty Four’

Me and my niggas takin’ real chances, uhY’all on the ‘Gram holdin’ money to your earThere’s a disconnect, we don’t call that money over here, yeah — “The Story of O.J.
“You egged Solange onKnowin’ all along, all you had to say you was wrong —“Kill Jay Z”Jay did, in fact, nearly ruin his marriage with Beyonce You almost went Eric BenétLet the baddest girl in the world get awayI don’t even know what else to sayNigga, never go Eric Benét !
“Fuck wrong with everybody?
— “Family Feud”He partially blamed himself for Bey’s miscarriages I’ve seen the innocence leave your eyesI still mourn this death, I apologize for all the stillborns’Cause I wasn’t present, your body wouldn’t accept it – “4:44”Bey breastfeeds!
He heard Kanye’s Saint Pablo Tour rant as loudly as the rest of us did But you ain’t a Saint, this ain’t KumbaYeBut you got hurt because you did cool by ‘YeYou gave him 20 million without blinkin’He gave you 20 minutes on stage, fuck was he thinkin’?

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