What Divided The Cosby Jurors? Words, For One Factor

Ms. Constand testified to slipping in and out of consciousness after digesting three pills given to her by Mr. Cosby.
(Mr. Cosby said that he did not tell Ms. Constand what they were and later testified that they were Benadryl.
He checked off that Mr. Cosby said that he never told Ms. Constand what the pills he gave her were.
Mr. Dugan said he would only discuss his own deliberations, and that he had voted to convict Mr. Cosby of two counts of sexual assault but not a third, which accused Mr. Cosby of penetrating Ms. Constand while she was “unconscious.”Mr. Cosby has admitted the penetration but says that Ms. Constand was awake and consenting.
Jennifer Storm, Pennsylvania’s victim advocate, said that in her experience, jurors cited confusion over language more often in sexual assault cases.

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