Brides Flee Caliphate As Noose Tightens On Isis

And three Indonesian sisters who say they were lured to Raqqa, ISIS’ self-proclaimed caliphate, by the promise of free healthcare and education.
And as US coalition-backed forces tighten the noose on Raqqa, many more women who pledged allegiance to ISIS are sure to flee.
It’s just one of the many challenges authorities face as ISIS’ self-declared caliphate unravels, scattering the militants and their families.
They are the former brides of ISIS fighters — once lured into living in the so-called caliphate — now stuck between the militants’ crumbling stronghold and home countries that most likely don’t want them back.
They say what they found there was something entirely different — fighting in all female dorms, sex obsessed ISIS fighters, women divorced and remarried as many as six times.

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