Don’T Examine Trump To Nixon. It’S Unfair To Nixon.

Google “Nixon and Trump” and more than 14 million references pop up, among them the recent cover of New York magazine, with a red-tied Trump photoshopped as a latter-day Nixon, flashing his trademark V-for-victory to illustrate a long Frank Rich story titled, “Nixon, Trump and How a Presidency Ends.”Yes, Richard Nixon is already the inescapable analogy of the Trump era.
And inevitably, the magazine articles and essays, radio talk shows and book lists all mention a single remarkable work: Elizabeth Drew’s Washington Journal.
You could have a coherent conversation with Richard Nixon,” Drew says.
That was really stupid.”Drew is clearly a critic of Trump, as she was of Nixon four decades ago.
“I don’t know if they’re capable of it again, but they really did.”Finally, never underestimate presidential hubris—or just plain stupidity.

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