Ecb Considers Unique Assessment Of Deutsche Financial Institution Shareholders

Europe’s top banking regulator, the European Central Bank (ECB), is considering carrying out a special assessment of Deutsche Bank’s two largest shareholders, a German paper reported on Sunday, citing regulatory sources.
The ECB and Deutsche Bank declined to comment.
Normally it is only carried out if a shareholder holds more than 10 percent.
The aim of a such an assessment is to establish whether an investor is trustworthy and financially sound, where the money used for the investment came from, and whether the investor engages in any criminal dealings such as money laundering or terrorist financing.
The ECB may launch so-called ownership control procedures to scrutinize both the Qatari royal family and China’s HNA, which each own just under 10 percent of the shares of Germany’s flagship lender, Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported in a prereleased version of its Monday edition.

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