Fitness Care Vote Postpone: Does It Assist Or Harm?

The delay keeps Washington at a standstill, as health care is the only pillar of President Donald Trump’s agenda that has had any real momentum in Congress, having passed the House in May.
It was unclear whether key governors like Republican Brian Sandoval of Nevada left the meeting any closer to backing the Senate’s health care bill.
All of them have expressed initial concerns about how the Republican health care bill — which would make significant cuts to Medicaid — would affect low-income people in their states.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Saturday night that GOP leaders plan to “defer” consideration of the health care bill, which was expected to take center stage this week.
The plan was included in the health care bill to give insurers more flexibility in the plans they can offer and as a way to try and entice conservatives to support the measure.

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