For Airline Mechanic, 91, The Sky Is One In All Many Limits

“Every day the job is different,” Mr. Blackman said.
As part of its tribute to Mr. Blackman, airline officials promise to top the event American held five years ago for him when the mural was unveiled and a vintage Douglas DC-3 took Mr. Blackman and his family for a flight over New York City.
“The first airplane I worked on was very crude; it had none of the systems modern airplanes have,” Mr. Blackman said of the flying boat.
According to the airline, after a teacher sent a note explaining his aptitude for metal fabrication, he earned 50 cents an hour as an apprentice in the sheet metal shop.
And the people who work in this business are, for the most part, very competent people.”On Tuesday, American Airlines will hold a celebration for Mr. Blackman, during which he will be presented with a plaque from Guinness World Records for the longest Career as an airline Mechanic.

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