Joe Biden’S New E-Book To Be Released In November

During what would be his final Thanksgiving, Mr. Biden told his father: “Promise me, Dad.
“It’s that rare book by a politician that will truly have lasting resonance.”“Promise Me, Dad” will be edited by Colin Dickerman, the editorial director of Flatiron Books.
In it, Mr. Biden will reflect on that painful year and the challenges he faced fulfilling his political duties while mourning the death of his son.
“‘Promise Me, Dad’ is unlike any other book I’ve read by a political figure, thanks to Vice President Joe Biden’s willingness to be deeply personal on the one hand, and candid about political life on the other,” said Bob Miller, the president and publisher of Flatiron Books.
Give me your word that no matter what happens, you’re going to be all right.” Those words have inspired the title of the former vice president’s upcoming book.

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