Jordanian Sentenced To Life In Prison For Killing 3 U.S. Infantrymen

Sergeant Moriarty was fatally injured after he and Sergeant Tawayha exchanged fire.
As the soldiers waited outside a gate to the base, Sergeant Tawayha opened fire with his M-16 rifle, killing Sergeant McEnroe and mortally wounding Sergeant Lewellen, who were both in the second vehicle of the convoy.
The fourth soldier, who survived, shot and seriously wounded Sergeant Tawayha.
Along with the prison sentence, the military judge, Col. Mohammed al-Afeef, ordered that Sergeant Tawayha be dismissed from the Army and that he pay 91 Jordanian dinars (about $128) for the bullets used to fire on the soldiers.
Sergeant Tawayha said at his trial that he did not resent the American presence at the base.

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