‘Recreation Of Thrones’ Brings Ed Sheeran In — And Shakes Us Out Of Westeros

“Throwback to that time I was a Lannister,” Sheeran wrote on Instagram:”No good reason to be there,” wrote The Independent.
“The Ed Sheeran scene was actually an interesting moment/departure that was overshadowed by putting Ed Sheeran in it,” New York Times television critic James Poniewozik wrote on Twitter.
“Taken purely on sight, Sheeran’s much-heralded Game of Thrones appearance was a dud,” The Guardian opined.
“It’s a new one,” Ed Sheeran — playing a Lannister soldier who seems to think all this fighting is just silly — responded when asked about the song he was singing to his Lannister buddies as Arya Stark approached.
Meanwhile, nobody seemed to care about that the drummer of Mastodon is in the army of the dead now.

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