Senator Mccain’S Health, And The Us’S

And we have Senator Mitch McConnell, a politician who despite the rhetoric knows that he is destroying meaningful health care for millions of Americans.
We have Tom Price, a former congressman and physician whom Mr. Trump appointed as secretary of health and human services to destroy the health care law.
WILLIAM O’FALLONBRENTWOOD, TENN.To the Editor:Re “Republican Health Bill Stirs Fear of a Return to ‘Junk Insurance’ ” (news article, July 16):The Affordable Care Act above all else established a national standard for health care that eliminated junk insurance.
KAREN LEAHY, MOUNT VERNON, N.Y.To the Editor:Re “McCain Out, Senate Puts Off Health Care Votes” (front page, July 16):If a Democratic senator had needed surgery, do you think that Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, would have postponed voting on the health care bill?
To the Editor:Re “Even Worse: New Senate Health Care Bill” (editorial, July 14):It’s a simple message to constituents: Get sick, and you are on your own.

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