This The Big Apple Love Story Subverts Its ‘Happily Ever After’

‘Happily ever after.’” Everybody’s a critic, especially in New York City, where this bitter man lives and where virtually the entirety of LaValle’s story — which is a fairy tale — takes place.
Survival in New York City is a challenge at the best of times, for everybody, but this hero’s ordeals, by water and fire and social media, are sterner trials of faith than even the mad monks of the Inquisition could dream up.
“At least for a few years.” Next paragraph: “By Apollo’s fourth birthday Brian West was gone.” So that’s the kind of fairy tale this is going to be.
(The urban action is interrupted only by a couple of nervous forays into the terra incognita of Nassau County.
He gets that happiness isn’t somewhere you live forever; it’s an apartment whose rent isn’t stabilized, much less controlled.

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