Us Doing ‘Very Badly’ In Fighting Inequality

The U.S. is doing “very badly” at tackling inequality, and President Donald Trump’s tax reforms, if enacted, could see the country sink below Greece and some third world countries in the equality stakes, according to new research from Oxfam.
Oxfam’s new Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index (CRI), released Monday, ranks the U.S. 23rd out of 152 countries for its commitment to stemming and re-balancing national inequality levels.
A lot of social spending disproportionately benefits the wealthy, and spending focused on the poor like Medicaid could soon see draconian cuts that would strip millions of people of their health insurance.
“The report, conducted in collaboration with Development Finance International, also points to “worsening” labor policy and insufficient minimum wage thresholds.
It claims that under the Trump administration, these inequalities will be neglected while businesses benefit from tax cuts.

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