What Passed Off To Ukraine’S Five,500 Lenin Statues?

PhotoFor a while, even the smallest fragments of the Lenin from Bessarabska Square proved elusive to Mr. Gobert and Mr. Ackermann.
“We quickly realized it was something very deep and very serious and meant a lot for contemporary Ukraine,” Mr. Gobert said.
“Niels just asked this seemingly random question: ‘Where did Lenin go?’ We realized we had absolutely no idea,” Mr. Gobert said.
In 1991, there were at least 5,500 statues of Lenin in Ukraine — a greater density than in any other part of the former Soviet Union.
In their book, “Looking for Lenin,” which was published in June by FUEL Publishing, Mr. Gobert and Mr. Ackermann present the Lenin statues as a lens through which to view conflicting Ukrainian visions of the country’s past, present and future.

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