Whirlpool Ought To Benefit 35 Percent Within The Next Year

Bearish investors see this as worrisome for Whirlpool, which holds a leading 40 percent share in such markets, Barron’s noted.
“Whirlpool gets no credit for fantastic execution since housing began to turn around in 2011,” DeNichilo said in the report.
Home appliance maker Whirlpool is a bargain at $192 a share and could jump as much as 35 percent to $260 a share in the next year, according to a fund manager who owns the company’s shares, Barron’s reported.
“However, Whirlpool does have critics, many of whom target the entire home appliance industry.
The stock has gained about 90 percent since the end of 2012, but it remains a bargain, Barron’s said.

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