If Brexiteers Need A Real Purpose To Depart The Ecu, Then Simply Examine Italy

As the painful and quite frankly embarrassing stumble out of Europe continues for the U.K., I watch with sadness at the pathetic lack of conviction of both the previous Remain and pro-Leave camps.
Italy is a complete basket case economically, and with 2 trillion euros ($2.29 trillion) worth of public debt it’s still the great bale of straw on the camel’s back that could take the whole project down.
The truth is that we all know if one goes then the whole rotten apple cart could tip.
Mind you, the “remainers” bleat on unconvincingly about now accepting the word of a Great British population that has definitively spoken and thus must be respected.
The authorities keep saying the ones where they are forced to oversee a rescue are special cases.

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