Political Fears Dampen Us Investor Urge For Food For Risk

Market fundamentals look fairly strong, but political fears have held investor spirits in check, Kate Moore, chief equity strategist at BlackRock Investment Institute, told CNBC on Tuesday.
“There’s been a tremendous amount of anxiety about taking equity risk so far this year,” she told CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” adding that the fear came despite “pretty good” earnings.
“I wouldn’t call them amazing, but they’re looking pretty good in the U.S., amazing actually in some places outside the U.S. and overall economic conditions being pretty strong, we haven’t seen a willingness to take risk,” she said.
But despite the political noise, Moore remained upbeat on the outlook for equities.
“We are in a sustained economic expansion, the fundamentals look pretty darn good and we aren’t necessarily at the end of the cycle,” she said.

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