Senate Gop Fitness Care Bill: How It Fell Apart

Johnson admitted he no longer was sure if he could support the motion to proceed to the health care bill.
It only took one more lawmaker to stop the health care bill in its tracks.
But as they dined on lemon ricotta agnolotti with heirloom tomato ragout and the “farm stand peach cobbler,” the Senate rebellion against the health care bill was well underway.
“The developments ended any hope that McConnell, with his Republican Senate majority, can pass the current version of the health care bill he’s been crafting for months.
JUST WATCHED Collins to vote ‘no’ on GOP health-care bill Replay More Videos … MUST WATCH Collins to vote ‘no’ on GOP health-care bill 01:18So much has changed in a weekRepublican leaders unveiled their overhauled health care bill less than a week ago.

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