Admiral Says He’D Launch A Nuclear Strike On China If Trump Ordered It : The Two-Manner : Npr

Admiral Says He’d Launch A Nuclear Strike On China If Trump Ordered ItEnlarge this image toggle caption Rod McGuirk/AP Rod McGuirk/APAt a security conference in Australia on Thursday, this scenario was posed to the commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet: If ordered to do so by President Trump, would he would launch a nuclear attack on China next week?
“China does have nuclear weapons, though its arsenal is smaller than what the U.S. or Russia maintains.
An academic in the audience posed this question to Adm. Scott Swift: “At risk of being blunt …
ANU TV YouTubeAs the audience tittered at the premise, the admiral smiled and said, “So far these were yes and no answers.
If, when you return to your command next week, you were to receive an order from the commander in chief, the president of the United States, to make a nuclear attack on China, would you do it?

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