Ben Frost’S Giant New Ep Will Convey You To The ‘Threshold Of Faith’

Ben Frost’s Colossal New EP Will Bring You To The ‘Threshold Of Faith’Enlarge this image toggle caption Salar Kheradpejouh/Courtesy of the artist Salar Kheradpejouh/Courtesy of the artistIn Ben Frost’s music, glitched and garbled and crackling drones are trapped under ice — something ancient from an unknown past, something evolving between the sheets, desperately unquiet in its escape.
You can listen to “Threshold Of Faith” and the full EP below.
He spent ten days with Steve Albini in Chicago last summer, yielding two hours worth of music — some of the results can be heard on a new EP released today, Threshold Of Faith.
YouTubeThreshold Of Faith is out now via Mute Records.
The title track does call back to the unrelenting noise of By The Throat or Aurora, but the sonic shades cloak and flicker with resonant depth, ingesting recent orchestral pursuits for something colossal.

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