Do No Longer Alter Your (Mind) Set

‘Brigsby Bear’: Do Not Adjust Your (Mind) SetEnlarge this image toggle caption Sony Pictures Classic Sony Pictures ClassicIf Barney the Dinosaur also played all five members of Voltron, he would look something like Brigsby Bear, a man in a giant teddy bear suit who stomps around against an outer-space backdrop blinking his animatronic eyes and learning lessons.
There’s a giant “twist” in Brigsby Bear that occurs shortly after the film starts, one the marketing materials have smartly chosen not to reveal.
(One nice touch: There’s a Brigsby “online” fan board, made up only of James and several avatars played by Ted.
So consider this a word of warning: What follows will set you free.
In Brigsby, which Mooney co-wrote with Kevin Costello, he’s found the big-little boy he was born to play.

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