Germany Recalls 22,000 Porsche Suvs For Emissions Dishonest Software

But its three biggest firms — Volkswagen, BMW (BMWYY) and Daimler (DDAIF) — are still grappling with the diesel emissions scandal.
Also last week, Volkswagen-owned Audi said it would retrofit 850,000 diesel cars to improve their emissions in “real driving conditions.
BMW announced a software upgrade Sunday for at least 350,000 diesel cars to incorporate “knowledge gained in the field over the last years to realize further improvements in emissions.
Porsche said in a statement that it had “detected irregularities in the engine control software” and notified the transport ministry.
The German government has recalled tens of thousands of Porsche SUVs after discovering they are equipped with an “unauthorized defeat device” allegedly used to cheat on emissions testing.

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