‘Hyperlinked’ Ultra-Modern Collection Aimed Toward Stem For Ladies

“Hyperlinked” producer Brindak Blake told CNN “STEM should be an everyday thing for girls.
Brindak Blake knew how tough middle school could be for girls, so she launched a tween social networking site called “Miss O And Friends.
Story highlights The series is aimed at introducing STEM to young girlsStars say it’s inspiring(CNN) When Juliette Brindak Blake was 16, she wanted to do something for her younger sister, Olivia, and her friends.
Like “Hyperlinked,” Netflix’s “Project MC2,” PBS’s “SciGirls,” Amazon Prime’s “AnneDroids” and Sprout TV’s “Dot’ also aim to show girls that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) can be cool.
“Now in her twenties, she never imagined her idea would be used as the basis for “Hyperlinked,” a new YouTube Red series which follows the lives of five young friends.

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