If Hindutva Ever Involves Haunt Nitish Kumar, Sushil Modi Will Be His Solace

Should Kumar ever fear that the H (Hindutva) word may return to haunt him, he has Sushil for solace.
Nitish ensured Modi did not step into his state to campaign, saying one Modi (read Sushil) was enough.
Initially, it seems that Modi and the BJP president Amit Shah weren’t over enthused about assigning the project to Sushil.
At 65, Sushil is just a year younger than Kumar and the contemporaneity adds to the comfort level they have shared.
ADVERTISEMENTNitish Kumar’s mien — that was grim all day until the happy denouement on Wednesday night after the reunion with old ally, the BJP — transformed when he saw his old friend, Sushil Kumar Modi from the party.

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