In Russia’S Shadow, U.S. Army Bulks Up Eu Presence

In Russia’s Shadow, U.S. Military Bulks Up European PresenceEnlarge this image toggle caption David Welna/NPR David Welna/NPRIn a bucolic valley nestled in Romania’s Carpathian mountains, herds of sheep graze the hillsides.
“That’s why U.S. Army Europe commander Hodges is pleased Congress plans to add another $1.4 billion to the European Deterrence Initiative this year.
When Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, U.S. forces in Europe were at a low ebb.
That so-called European Reassurance Initiative was meant to demonstrate to rattled NATO allies a renewed U.S. commitment to defending Europe from further Russian expansionism.
“Enlarge this image toggle caption David Welna/NPR David Welna/NPRWhile Hodges insists the maneuvers are all defensive, displaying strength, he says, is key for avoiding armed conflict.

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