Iran Reports A Success Launch Of Missile As U.S. Considers New Sanctions

President Trump has called the 2015 agreement a “very bad deal” for the United States and a disastrous giveaway to Iran.
That agreement eased existing economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for the country’s verifiable promises to restrict its nuclear program to peaceful purposes.
Such tests of what are essentially carrier rockets are not prohibited under the landmark 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and a group of six world powers including the United States.
PhotoTEHRAN — Iran successfully launched a missile into space on Thursday, state media reported, two days after the United States House of Representatives approved a bill that would impose additional sanctions against the country, and Russia and North Korea.
Advertisement Continue reading the main storyLast week, the Trump administration announced new Iran-related sanctions it said were meant to show its toughened stance toward the country despite having grudgingly affirmed its compliance with the nuclear deal.

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