Pressmen Recoil At An Impeachment Ad Inside The Times – The The Big Apple Times

Richard Siemers, the chairman at The Times for the New York Printing Pressmen’s Union, Local 2, said the ad was “traitorous” and “detrimental to the boys in Vietnam and prisoners of war.”PhotoThe pressmen demanded that The Times remove the ad.
More chillingly, it asserted that because Mr. Nixon was a candidate for re-election, his stand on the Vietnam War was a campaign issue.
Mr. Phillips’s committee pledged to “devote its resources in funds and publicity” to any candidate for the House who supported the impeachment effort.
Since the ad sharply criticized the president’s Vietnam policy, the government reasoned, it therefore amounted to an attempt to influence the presidential election.
It charged Mr. Phillips’s committee with violating the Federal Election Campaign Act and asked the courts to prohibit the committee’s activities until it had provided finance reports, as required by the act.

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