Putin Derides Sanctions And Trump Investigations As ‘Boorishness’

Mr. Niinisto told Mr. Putin on Thursday: “I do not quite agree with you that the issue is about imposing sanctions or adhering to U.S. laws.
Mr. Putin, hoping for rapprochement under Mr. Trump, declined in December to respond to Mr. Obama’s expulsion of 35 Russian diplomatic staff members and the seizure of Russian diplomatic property.
Mr. Putin said on Thursday that Russia had so far been “restrained and patient” in response to what he said were constant provocations by the United States.
While many European leaders give Mr. Putin a frosty reception, President Niinisto has sought to promote a spirit of quiet, steadfast cooperation between Finland and its large eastern neighbor.
On Thursday, Mr. Putin and the Finnish president both played down the significance of joint Russian-Chinese naval exercises now underway in the Baltic Sea, the first time the two navies have trained together in the area.

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