Putin Derides ‘Unlawful’ Sanctions Bill — However Says He Is Ready On Final Version : The 2-Way : Npr

Putin Derides ‘Illegal’ Sanctions Bill — But Says He’s Waiting On Final VersionEnlarge this image toggle caption Mikhail Klimentyev/AP Mikhail Klimentyev/APSpeaking at a news conference in Finland on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin derided the sanctions bill now in the U.S. Congress as “illegal under international law” — but he said Russia’s response will depend on what ultimately gets passed.
At the same time, the version the House passed with a vote of 419-3 would curb President Trump’s authority when it comes to waiving those sanctions.
Meanwhile, in Finland, Putin noted he’ll be holding fire until he sees the sanctions package that finally surfaces as law — if it surfaces at all.
If the bill obtains enough bipartisan support among lawmakers, however, Congress would be able to override a veto.
NPR’s Miles Parks explains:”Often, a president has a freer hand in dealing with foreign governments, but the bill deliberately takes away that discretion.

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