Slug Slime Inspires Scientists To Invent Surgical Glue : Shots

Slug Slime Inspires Scientists To Invent Sticky Surgical GlueEnlarge this image toggle caption Nigel Cattlin/Visuals Unlimited/Getty Images Nigel Cattlin/Visuals Unlimited/Getty ImagesThe European slug is average in every way: slimy, brownish, shorter than a credit card.
“He and his colleagues used the slug slime as a starting point to engineer a new adhesive material that combines ingredients like those in the slug mucus with a flexible gel.
In the meantime, Li and colleagues are working on engineering a biodegradable version that might disintegrate once an organ has healed.
The secret to the slug slime is that it can bond to surfaces in three different ways.
Others, like fibrin glue, aren’t toxic but are really expensive and can be hard to use.

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