Venezuela Bans Protests National As Constitutional Referendum Methods : The 2-Way : Npr

The ban comes as the country careens toward a national referendum Sunday, called by Maduro to select the members of a constituent assembly tasked with replacing the 18-year-old constitution.
“The United States will not stand by as Venezuela crumbles,” President Trump said in a statement earlier this month.
He has positioned the move as a cure for the months of protests that have seized city streets since early April, when the country’s Supreme Court made an abortive attempt to dissolve a National Assembly packed with opposition politicians.
“If the Maduro regime imposes its Constituent Assembly on July 30, the United States will take strong and swift economic actions.
“Maduro’s opponents say the assembly’s rigged to be pro-government and will rewrite the constitution to make Venezuela an all-out dictatorship,” NPR’s Philip Reeves reports.

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