Warner Wishes Election-Hacking To Warrant A Us Cyber Response

Story highlights The NDAA is up in the air as the Senate debates health careSen. Mark Warner said he wants cyber interference met with a cyber response(CNN) Sen. Mark Warner wants to add election-hacking to a proposed US policy outlining when and how the US should respond to cyber attacks.
“This is an area that still needs further refinement — I don’t believe we have a really fully thought-through cyber doctrine,” Warner added.
The Congress needs to continue to send clear signals,” Warner said of President Donald Trump in an interview.
Warner’s amendment would add election-hacking to a US policy on “cyberspace, cybersecurity and cyber warfare” in the defense authorization bill spearheaded by Senate armed services chairman John McCain.
The new cyber policy, which will still have to be reconciled with the House’s defense bill, also includes cyber attacks causing casualties, significant disruptions to critical infrastructure and threats to the command and control of the US military as reasons for a US cyber response.

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