What If Trump Ordered A Nuclear Strike On China? I’D Comply, Says Admiral

In addition to Taiwan, there are plenty of potential flash points in the relationship between the United States and China.
China maintains a smaller nuclear arsenal than the United States or Russia, and has long said that it would not use nuclear weapons against a nation that did not have them or in a first strike against a nuclear-armed adversary.
He spoke after war games conducted by more than 30,000 military personnel from Australia and the United States took place off the coast of Queensland and the Northern Territory of Australia.
A Chinese Navy spy ship was operating nearby while the operations, known as the Talisman Saber exercises, were underway in the Coral Sea, the Australian military said.
On Sunday, a United States Navy spy plane took evasive action to avoid hitting a Chinese fighter jet that pulled in front of it over the East China Sea.

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