Woman Scouts Upload Badges For Robotics, Other Technology Talents : The 2-Manner : Npr

“In keeping with this week’s theme emphasizing science, the Girl Scouts posted a project created by the Girl Scouts San Jacinto, for building a solar eclipse pinhole projector.
Girl Scouts Add Badges For Robotics, Other Science SkillsThe Girl Scouts of the USA unveiled 23 new badges related to science, technology, mathematics, and nature activities this week, responding to popular demand for activities related to interests such as the outdoors, mechanical engineering, and computer programming.
Back in 2011, the Girl Scouts updated their badges for the first time in some 25 years, adding badges for activities such as Digital Movie Maker and Website Designer.
The Girl Scouts announcement brought enthusiastic responses on its Facebook page.
“As part of the effort, the Southern Arizona group is set to open a new facility that includes a new STEM lab.

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