Down The Strong Columbia River, In Which A Energy Conflict Looms

DAM OWNERSHIP Missoula WASH. Government Richland Private Butte Columbia river basin Portland Columbia R. Bozeman Salem John Day Dam 1,147 megawatts WYO.
The Space Needle in Seattle uses Columbia River electricity to slowly spin tourists in its sky-view restaurant.
Coeur d’Alene Seattle 250 Grand Coulee Dam 2,372 megawatts Missoula DAM OWNERSHIP Government Richland Butte Private Columbia R. IDAHO John Day Dam 1,147 megawatts Portland Bozeman Salem Columbia river basin WYO.
“Obligations are tied to the federal relationship,” said Jaime A. Pinkham, the executive director of the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission and a member of the Nez Percé tribe.
Private Missoula WASH. Astoria Longview Richland Walla Walla Butte Bozeman Portland Columbia R. Columbia river basin Salem John Day Dam 1,147 megawatts PACIFIC OCEAN Brownlee Dam 340 megawatts Eugene Bend Ontario Idaho Falls Boise ORE. IDAHO Snake R. WYO.

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