If Us Cuts Global Useful Resource, Who Pays To Control Hiv?

More expense to comeBeyrer further worries that if funds are reliant on domestic governments fully paying for their own HIV control efforts, crucial elements of HIV control will be forgotten, or at least not prioritized.
The largest supporter in the global fight against HIV and AIDS may be about to make drastic cuts to its level of support.
Now, SidibĂ© would like the countries comfortably supporting the control of HIV in their own countries to go to the next level — and become donors.
“Staying hopeful and proving your worthWhen asked about the proposed cuts to her organizations budget, Birx didn’t show fear.
Many experts further believe that the gradual increase in governments of high-rate HIV countries financially tackling their own epidemics, could be jeopardized if they feel like larger countries, such as the US, are bowing out.

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