Ought To Mwangi Degree A Shock Dissatisfied Within The Elections?

(CNN) Boniface Mwangi is Kenya’s most famous provocateur; a poverty-boy done bad — at least in the eyes of the political elite.
His newly created political party, Ukweli , which means truth, is standing on an anti-corruption platform and looking to encourage active participation in politics.
Mwangi grew up in Pangani, a suburb in Nairobi, with his mother who he helped sell books on the street.
Mwangi has spent the last decade ridiculing parliament and now — not content with leading protests from the sidelines — he wants to join it.
This means a startup political party, like Ukweli, has the extra challenge of introducing itself to an electoral well-versed and conscious of long-standing organisations with established party machines and financial backing.

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