U.S. Increase Hurries Up, But Stays Short Of Tempo Promised By Means Of Trump

The American economy grew at an annual rate of 2.6 percent last quarter, a big pickup from the beginning of 2017, but well short of the pace President Trump has promised and lower than what many experts had been anticipating until recently.
On Wall Street, economists had been expecting growth of 2.5 percent for the second quarter.
Still, the Commerce Department’s report issued on Friday is a sign that the economy remains on track, with underlying growth in line with where it has been since the current recovery began eight years ago this summer.
Advertisement Continue reading the main storyAs a result, economists initially expected a strong rebound, with the consensus in May calling for 3.7 percent growth.
Those hopes came down to earth however, amid lackluster spending by consumers, which accounts for roughly two-thirds of all economic activity.

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