Uncommon Fancy Red Diamond Should Sell For Hundreds Of Thousands

In 2013, a 1.92-carat Fancy Red rectangular-cut diamond, sold for CHF3.15 million at Christie’s , while the auction house also sold a 2.09-carat heart-shaped Fancy Red diamond ring by Moussaieff for HKD39.32 million in 2014.
The 2.42 carat Fancy Purple-Pink Argyle Avaline and the 1.14 carat Fancy Red Argyle Isla.
Fancy Red diamonds are on the pink diamond color spectrum and is a grading from the Gemological Institute of AmericaOn Wednesday in New York, Rio Tinto unveiled its largest Fancy Red diamond yet to a select group of collectors, alongside other gemstones in its annual tender of pink diamonds.
Yet he’s only ever held a red diamond once, about five years ago.
“Red diamonds are the rarest of them all and whoever gets to hold one in his hand is very lucky indeed,” he said.

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