‘What Do I Name You, Superwoman?’, Gushes Pakistani Woman Touched Via Sushma Swaraj’S Set Off Reaction

— Hijaab asif (@Hijaab_asif) July 27, 2017Pakistanis don’t deserve her at all — Hijaab asif (@Hijaab_asif) July 27, 2017@SushmaSwaraj what do I call you?
Been almost 2 months since we applied for the 1/2 — Hijaab asif (@Hijaab_asif) July 27, 2017@IndiainPakistan @SushmaSwaraj visa.
/8 — Sushma Swaraj (@SushmaSwaraj) July 10, 2017Even so, tensions between the two countries have not stopped Ms Swaraj from helping Pakistanis in distress.
If you allow, 1/3 — Hijaab asif (@Hijaab_asif) July 27, 2017@SushmaSwaraj he would give us the visas right away.
Long live maam @SushmaSwaraj — Hijaab asif (@Hijaab_asif) July 27, 2017Lots and lost of love and respect from here.

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