Chuck E. Cheese Retires Its Animatronic Residence Band, The Pizza Time Gamers

Say Goodbye To The Pizza Time Players: Chuck E. Cheese Retires Its BandEnlarge this image toggle caption Darren Abate/AP Darren Abate/APFirst, it was The Supremes, then The Beatles, then The Police.
Now there is news that another enduring band is breaking up: Chuck E. Cheese’s The Pizza Time Players.
One YouTube video celebrates the 10 best Chuck E. Cheese animatronic malfunctions.
Chuck E. Cheese — a large rat puppet with a New York accent — along with his fellow animatronic pals sing and shake their mechanical limbs to cover tunes in about 500 pizza restaurants nationwide.
Tom Leverton, the CEO of the company that runs Chuck E. Cheese and its sister restaurants, Peter Piper Pizza, says the animatronic characters have been in the restaurants since 1977.

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