An Egg Is More Than Simply An Egg At At The Same Time As In Kathmandu

A few years ago, Mr. Kharel helped found the Nepalese American Youth Association, which raised funds for relief after the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.
They prefer their buckwheat pancakes sweet and the millet ones salty, but “Chef likes it the other way, so we let her,” Mr. Kharel said.
Momos, the monumental dumplings found across the Himalayas, rise like islands from a sauce of tomatoes and earthy spices that Mr. Kharel would not name: “There are too many competitors,” he said.
She traces her roots to the Newars, who settled Kathmandu Valley centuries ago.
PhotoSel roti is sweet, too, a great craggy loop of rice soaked overnight, ground into dough and fried.

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