Ants, Seaweed, Chocolate Beer And (Maybe) Less Meat

Ants, Seaweed, Chocolate Beer And (Maybe) Less Meat: The Future Of FoodEnlarge this image Amarita/Getty Images/iStockphoto Amarita/Getty Images/iStockphotoOver the millennia, our ancestors continuously developed new techniques and technologies that enabled them to find, eat, and cook meat and plants — and in coastal populations, marine resources, too.
British chef and writer Florence Knight envisions a turn to “wild food,” that is, foraging for wild ingredients.
Norwegian chef and hygge mentions entomophagy: In 100 years, she says, we’ll think nothing of eating ants.
” As a chocolate fiend, it’s the beer he’s currently creating that I’d most like to sample: a “chocolate and coffee imperial porter brewed with hops grown in Borough Market’s entrance.
As for water, it can take up to 300 liters to create just one liter of finished beer.

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