Ecb Unease Over Less Attackable Euro Risks Slowing Asset Buy Go Out — Assets

“The exchange rate has become a bigger issue,” one of the sources told Reuters.
ECB head Mario Draghi has said that the programme will continue until the central bank is happy that inflation is consistent with its medium-term target of just below 2 percent.
Rapid gains by the euro against the dollar are worrying a growing number of policymakers at the European Central Bank, raising the chance its asset purchases will be phased out only slowly, three sources familiar with discussions told Reuters.
“It is now less favorable for an exit and a stronger argument for a muddle-through option.
The scheme is due to expire at the end of 2017 but formal talks over its future are only beginning, meaning the European Central Bank is highly unlikely to take any decision at next Thursday’s rate meeting, the sources said.

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