Evaluation: ‘Hazlo Como Hombre’ Errors Manhood For Intolerance

The filmmakers behind “Hazlo Como Hombre” are counting on it.
Otherwise, there’s little appeal to this romantic comedy’s protagonist, a man so unlikable the movie opens with a M.P.A.A.-style warning for the character’s sexism, homophobia and machismo.
Aside from references to hookup apps and hipsters, there’s little in Nicolás López and Guillermo Amoedo’s outdated script that doesn’t seem like it was written 20 years ago.
Unless you laugh at fossils, I have no idea why you should buy a ticket to gawk at this dinosaur.
VideoOf course, there are intolerant people everywhere, but Nicolás López’s movie isn’t clever enough to make its lead character sympathetic or multidimensional, only more insufferable.

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